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Distancing oneself from one’s own work and the question of how far rejection of one’s own work may go form the topic of discussion for this expert panel. The subsequent denial of authorship also raises questions about collecting in general. Under the direction of Martin Traxl (ORF-TV head of culture), art collector Dr. Brigitte Löw-Radeschnig, Dr. Silvie Aigner (PARNASS), Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alfred Noll (lawyer) and Dr. Ernst Ploil (lawyer) will discuss these issues.

Klaus Lang: tönendes licht for organ and spatially distributed orchestra (2020 premiere) – 50′.
Commissioned by Wien Modern
Vienna Symphony Orchestra
Klaus Lang: organ
Wolfgang Kogert: organ
Peter Rundel: conductor

Klaus Lang knows tunings across the entire history of music better than almost anyone else. But he will never explain his music with technical details. Titles reminiscent of koans by Zen masters, the often fairy-tale-like nature of his comments on works, the modest irony of some short biographies (“Klaus Lang likes to eat chocolate.”) are better suited to prepare listeners for the paradoxical listening experience of his extremely discreet but enigmatically seductive music.
His world premiere in last year’s festival had a quasi addictive factor; we are pleased that the increasing demand can be met not only with the help of the currently released vinyl edition, but also by three festival evenings on November 11 and 26, as well as – especially prominently – on November 19: The Vienna Symphony Orchestra (A = 443 Hertz) distributed in St. Stephen’s Cathedral and Wolfgang Kogert on the new giant organ (A = depending on the air temperature) will perform the world premiere of his full-length organ concerto under the direction of Peter Rundel.

Gunter Schneider: im fluss (2020 UA) – 10′
Susanna Gartmayer: THEN (2020 UA) – 7′
Veronika Mayer: Farbzwang (2020 UA)
Peter Ablinger: Title (2020 UA) – 10′
Tamara Friebel: The Agility of Perspective Nearness in a lake of being (2020 UA) – 10′
Hannes Dufek: studies in intimacy II (the deep mirror) (2020 UA) – 12′
Sophia Goidinger-Koch | violin
Klaus Haidl | guitar

For their brand new duo project Hedda, Sophia Goidinger-Koch and Klaus Haidl have clear principles:
1. only music composed specifically for this project in the 21st century will be interpreted.
2. the composers are asked to write for purely acoustic instrumentation and to pay special attention to the subtleties of the sounds and the sound language of the 21st century.
3. Hedda is dedicated to the cultivation of chamber and house music in the traditional sense: the small, mobile instrumentation makes it possible to perform almost anywhere and thus bring the music of our time back to the places where we live and directly to the people. (Klaus Haidl)